Fantasy sports

Fantasy sports traces its roots back to the late 50s and is today a $10bn industry with over 60 million practitioners in North America alone. Fantasy sports is an online game where end-users compile virtual teams of professional players of a particular sport. It is a so called skill game where players get to show off their skills in a particular sport and compete with others for common price pools. The majority of sports are today available as fantasy sports, such as soccer, hockey, golf, cricket and basketball.

The fantasy sports market has displayed double digit growth for some time and it is driven by several factors: the emergence of new game formats (e.g daily fantasy sports) combined with the increasing mobile penetration which today account for close to 50% of all gameplay. Another driver is the social element, where end-users get to ‘show off’ their skills and compete with others in an open and friendly environment. The simple fact is that fantasy sports display longer player lifetime and engagement and higher ARPU (average revenue per user) than any other online gaming products.

In Europe, fantasy sports is rapidly gaining traction and is by many believed to be the next era in online gaming. The social nature aligns well with the modern day interest in social media and the ability to market via social media is a powerful strategy.

Our solution

The Scout solution is based on the latest technology and architecture which has resulted in unmatched stability and flexibility allowing for easy integration and full customization.

Latest technology

The Scout platform was built 2014-2017 using the latest technology and architecture. The solution was designed for large transaction volumes, easy integration and customization catering for uniqueness and adaptation.

Game selection

Scout can provide support for any sport and league. A wide range of game formats are available as standard and we constantly enhance our offering. The user interface has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use.


A user friendly and easy-to-use backoffice is integrated in the Scout solution. The system offers full management and control- and monitoring functionality. A player behaviour analysis module plays a vital role for managing player conversion and retention.


Scout offers the only European liquidity network for fantasy sports. Through the network operators pool liquidity whereby prices and player activity reach levels that would be unattainable stand-alone.


Betflex is a unique solution that analyse players behaviour and offer them real sportsbook odds based on their fantasy sports selections. Betflex hence drive conversion from fantasy sports to the sportsbook thereby increasing ARPU.


Scouts in-house StatCenter provides all data and pricing of players, odds setting and squad maintenance. On request we can also support local sports and leagues. Own rules-sets can easily be configured.

Network liquidity

Scout offers the only European Fantasy Sports liquidity network providing a large community of active end-users and big cash prices. This ensures an optimum player experience with guaranteed price pools from day one.

Scout manage the network arranging contests and tournaments which are available to end-users of all participating operators that thereby pool liquidity whilst still operating their unique site and brand.

Multiple game formats

Seasonal Fantasy

  • Draft and manage a team for an entire season

  • Real money, play-for-fun and prize competitions

  • Official and user created tournaments

  • Live updates of results and standings

  • Second screen experience to broadcasts

Daily Fantasy

  • Draft and manage a team; single, weekly or game round

  • Paid entry with multiple prize distribution options

  • Official/user-created, network, ring-fenced games

  • Live updates of results and standings

  • Second screen experience to broadcasts


  • Predict championships, events or single gameweeks

  • Choose all, or any 3 modules: groupstage, playoff, bonus questions

  • Free-to-play or real money; open for all or friends only

  • Live updates of results and standings

  • Low barrier entry and mass market appeal


  • Create set of fantasy duels, head-to-head or 3-way's

  • Flexible number of duels and prizes

  • Freeroll or set price for each coupon

  • Live updates of results and payouts

  • A fantasy variant tailored for players on the go

Guess & ScoreTM

  • Add excitement by exposing a set of quick questions

  • Always relevant to the game/event played

  • Flexible number of questions and prize structure

  • Free-to-play or real money

  • Integrates with all Scout game products


  • Real-time generated betslip by team selection

  • Custom number of events and type of odds

  • Easily modified to fit player behaviour

  • Works with any sportsbook

  • Integrates with all Scout game products

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