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The World Cup will start on the 20th of November and will feature 110 Daily Fantasy tournaments and the Season Game!

The most significant focus was to make it as convenient for participants as possible. We considered the starting times, activity times on the Scout Network, possible overlaps in the different game types and payout times to ensure that users have plenty of options available throughout the day. For instance, if you log in after the monster tournament has started, Star Pick, Pairs, and Single Matches are still open.

Monster Tournaments

Our primary focus for the monsters was to optimize entry deadlines for some overlapping Gameweeks. In addition, we mostly excluded the first games of each match day since they start very early, and users might miss the deadline for the event.

Buy-in levels offered – Monster

  • Micro: £ 0.17 – € 0.20
  • Low: £ 2.00 – € 2.30
  • Medium: £ 15.00 – € 17.25
  • High: £ 140.00 – € 161.00


There will be a single Pairs contest every night, usually for the closing match on each day. We only deviated from this rule if there were high-interest matches before.

Buy-in levels offered – Pairs

  • Low: £ 1.00 – € 1.15
  • Medium: £ 5.00 – € 5.75

Star Pick

Star Pick usually has a different starting time than the Monsters – we have daily and 2-day contests (4 or 7-8 games).

Buy-in levels offered – Star Pick

  • Low: £ 1.00 – € 1.15
  • Medium: £ 5.00 – € 5.75

Star Pick FULL WC 

In addition, there will be a mega Star Pick tournament for the entire World Cup. Participants will choose the best-scoring player of the whole event!

Buy-in level Star Pick FULL WC 

  • £3 / €3.50

Single Match Contests

Singles for every match on the schedule are played in the Pursuit format. Due to the doubled fixtures on the last round of the group stage, we will run Double Match Contests for GW3.

Buy-in levels offered – Singles (Pursuit)

  • Low: £ 2.00 – € 2.30
  • Medium: £ 10.00 – € 11.50
  • High: £ 70.00 – € 80.50

Man of the Match Contests

Man of the Match usually starts on different deadlines than Star Pick & Monsters. There is a mix of short (4 games) and long events (6-8 games).

Buy-in levels offered – Man of the Match

  • Low: £ 1.00 – € 1.15
  • Medium: £ 6.00 – € 6.90
  • High: £ 50.00 – € 57.50

Please note that the entire schedule might be subject to change based on the demand through the World Cup. Especially for the Pairs tournaments, since it’s a new format, we are considering adapting the schedule and buy-ins according to the acceptance and preferences of the user base.

Infographic Scout Gaming WC22 DFS Schedule (CET)

Find the schedule in the infographic with a detailed tournament overview for the entire World Cup.

Infographic Scout Gaming WC22 DFS Schedule (CET). It displays the fixtures of the entire World Cup and the related Monster, Man of the Match, Star Pick, Single Pursuit and Pairs fantasy tournaments. A infobox on top displays the various buy-in levels for all events.