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In this video podcast with GamblingNews, Joakim Renman, the chief commercial gives insight into how the company is driving growth and innovation in the DFS and sports betting segments.

Scout recently gained access to the US market through a partnership with a new sports organization, the Masters Cup Series. This will facilitate the company’s growth across the country, and possibly into Canada, as it continues to expand its footprint into new areas. Scout’s Social Sportsbook product is proving to be beneficial in support of that growth, as well, allowing even non-bettors to experience sports betting without any risk.

In addition to its US ambitions, Scout is also actively pursuing expansion throughout Latin America. It made its first entry via a partnership with Betsson in Brazil, but that is only a springboard that could ultimately allow the company to gain access to other regional markets throughout Latin America. Betsson has established operations in several South American countries, all of which could ultimately find Scout’s products made available there, as well.

Whether through regulatory restrictions or simply arduous licensing procedures, breaking ground in new regions is not an easy task. However, Scout has adapted its operations to be proactively ready for any changes, allowing it to quickly ramp up in new locations with as little delay as possible. As the industry grows, Scout will be ready to grow with it, continuing to offer its unique products in markets around the world.

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