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In order to improve fantasy tournaments and offer a greater variety and excitement to our customers, we provide multiple game types for fantasy events.


  1. Classic fantasy with budget.
  2. Universal 6.
  3. Pursuit
ScoutGG Fantasy Game Types full

The most simple form of our daily fantasy games, simply select a lineup within a predefined budget. Each player within your lineup will get a fictional value, based on how well they perform in real life.

Budget and values are often accompanied by constraints such as a fixed number of players per position or a maximum number of players from the same team. 


In Universal-6, you have 6 spots to fill in your lineup, a captain to choose and a vice-captain all within a predefined budget. You can select any player, from any position, from any team. Sounds easy enough right? 

Universal 6 Fantasy Game Type

There is a catch. Your Captain will score 1.5x points, but will cost 1.5x his price tag. The same applies to your Vice-Captain, only this is 1.2x points multiplier with a 1.2x price increase. This means that you will have to find some balance within your lineup. 


Pursuit is a unique format in which players are essentially handicapped according to how good of a performance we would expect from them. Instead of being limited by a predefined budget users can pick players by bonus points as well as a captain who will score double bonus points and a vice captain who will score 1.5 bonus points.

Pursuit Game Type

Bonus points are awarded at the start of a contest. Low expectation players will have a higher starting point whereas high expectation players will have a lower starting point. Pursuit allows the user to start the tournament in the lead, or choose to start behind the eight ball.